spinach balls

First off, I would like to introduce the term Pinstrosity- a horribly failed attempt at making something from pinterest.


Pinstrosity Yarn Balloon Fail

So with that in mind let’s talk about these spinach balls (healthy). Here is a picture of the original pin and the link:



 The only changes I made to her recipe are 1. I used fresh spinach instead of frozen 2. I used mozzarella cheese and 3. I used this type of stuffing.


So continuing, I mixed everything together to get this rather unappetizing concoction…almost looks like rabbit food, or that ‘fresh pet’ refrigerated dog food. But anyway…


So then i tried to form it into those balls…that was super hard. The spinach leaves just kept sticking out at awkward angles and they would not form balls. I ending up having to add some more bread crumbs and more oil so that they would somewhat hold their shape and not just be awkward spinach bunches. I also found I had to really rub the mixture together with my hands,  really hard, for about a minute each until they would be kind of round. I’m sure this is why the original pin said to use frozen spinach….otherwise you’d be stuck like me taking about an hour to make these balls.

But after I had my rounded spinach lumps ready I put them in the oven. The original source says about 15 minutes or until slightly browned but mine took about 20ish minutes to brown. This is how they turned out


Kind of awkward looking, and I would classify this as a Pinstrosity because when you compare this picture to the original= fail. I ate them with pizza sauce, and  they tasted ok, nothing amazing or spectacular just ok so at least I got a decent dinner.

Difficulty: 4- making those stupid balls

Taste: 3- not the worst, not the best

Appearance: 2- they were kind of round

Overall Rating: 3

Would I make them again? Probably not just because it was too frustrating to make the mixture into balls and if I’m going to be putting in that much work in the result better be amazing


What do you think?

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